CML bio

My first writing desk in west end Vancouver, overlooking Burred Inlet. Photo taken by John Goddard in 2001.

I’m a Toronto-based writer, editor and media professional who’s worked in print, online and broadcast media and also for many years in communications and public relations. I also teach in all those disciplines.

In my writing work I’m constantly looking for ways to define and explain the way we live today.  Some of my musings are posted here and I invite you to participate. Some of them I publish in newspapers, magazines, online venues. Please feel free to read the provided links to those.

(for a full bio please see my LinkedIn profile)

I welcome you to let me know what you think, and tell me how it is for you.



P.S. – This photo was taken in my first Vancouver apartment, overlooking Burrard Inlet and with a floor to ceiling mountain view.  I lived on the West Coast from 2000 to 2006, and it is where I first began to fully realize my creative self. I left a fabulous and successful PR career to do the thing I’d always meant to do: Just Write. I spent the first two years writing full-time and just following my creative brain wherever it led me. Such a luxury!

I keep this photo here as a reminder of how changing my life as drastically as I did back then made me the happiest I’ve ever been because it meant I was not allowing myself to delay what I had begun to consider my real vocation.  It was risky, and I don’t recommend it to everyone. But testing yourself has its rewards, though they are not always monetary. And for me that was the whole point!

By the way, the photo was taken by my great friend the journalist and writer, John Goddard.

The photo is also a happy reminder of the beginning of blogging and the creation at that very desk, in that very location of the now-retired, a site named after my favourite poet, Anne Sexton. Look her up! You won’t be sorry. I began a very raw site on my own with Dreamweaver, then moved it to Squarespace (highly recommended). It now lives here, for very practical reasons, under my full writing name. Easier to find, no misunderstandings.



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