Recent articles: Globe & Mail

I’ve been writing book reviews for the Globe & Mail since 1997. Here is a selection:

Shaena Lambert’s life in miniatureGlobe & Mail review of Oh, My Darling by Shaena Lambert, published September 13, 2013

Star crossed in Kandahar Globe & Mail review of The Darling of Kandahar by Felicia Mihali, published May 9, 2012

Father son tale an elegant weaveGlobe & Mail review of award winning book, The Measure of a Man, by JJ Lee, published October 21, 2011

Widowhood Lite? Globe & Mail review of The Widows of Paradise Bay by Jill Sooley, published March 12, 2011

Having it all, until you can’t Globe & Mail review of Left Neglected by Lisa Genova, published January 14, 2011

After the SeigeGlobe & Mail review of The Betrayal by Helen Dunmore, published July 29, 2010

Teen Angst, 2.0 Globe & Mail review of Borderline by Allan Stratton, published June 2, 2010

The many, many, many sides of Asperger’sGlobe & Mail review of House Rules by Jodi Picoult, published March 10, 2010

No escape from the painGlobe & Mail review of The Truth about Love by Josephine Hart, published Oct 5, 2009

Superstars and MeGlobe & Mail review of Boldface Names by Shinan Govani, published Sept. 17, 2009

A forgiving and beautiful landscape – Globe & Mail review of Wildlives by Monique Proulx, published July 7, 2009

These women take flightGlobe & Mail review of The Factory Voice by Jeanette Lynes, published May 8, 2009

The Memory Thief Globe & Mail review of Still Alice by Lisa Genova, published Feb. 20, 2009

A Muskoka GemGlobe & Mail review of The Landing by John Ibbitson, published Nov. 24, 2008

Love and joy, pain and misery, drugs and hugs Globe & Mail review of Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction by David Sheff ,published June 7, 2008

My methy, methy life, Globe & Mail review of two YA  books, Tweak by Nic Sheff and Tweaked by Katherine Holubitsky, published March 22, 2008

Jewels of RevelationGlobe & Mail review of Home Schooling by Carol Windley, published Sept. 23, 2006

His Pain, Our GainGlobe and Mail review of Dispatches from the Edge by Anderson Cooper, published June 10, 2006


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