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Cupcake therapy

Among the many different ways I make one living, I also bake. I have a burgeoning cupcake business on the side and work part time making cookies in a local bakery.

Red Velvet Chocolate Ganache with cream cheese icing

Baking is cathartic, therapeutic and a good way to erase the brain of all negative and worrisome thoughts. Not only that, it helps me write. The way it works is, if I’m stuck on a lead to a story, or how to organize and structure my info in it, or just can’t quite get past the research phase into the writing one, I bake. I think it just gives my brain something organized yet still creative to work on so that when I approach the page again it’s clear and fresh.

It helps just now that I’ve begun using my mom’s old mixer, the one I learned to bake with as a child. But that’s a whole other post, coming soon.


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